5 Things that Make Me Happy Off Screen

Lately, there hasn’t been a lot of nice things happening. 2017 may have started out okay but it seems to have taken a bit of a whirl. On top of that, postnatal depression and anxiety rule (and ruin) my life so happiness is far from my reach right now. I do have my days though, the days where I am genuinely happy and it’s those moments that I treasure the most. So I’ve tried to compile a list of some of the things that truly make me happy off screen and not technology based.

Technology rules our lives and it's nice to be reminded of what we love off screen.

My Children

This is an obvious one. They are my life and soul and I could not imagine my life without them. They may throw some awful tantrums and the attitude they give is terrible but there’s nothing I would change. The tantrums are a bit of a challenge, although they’re a bit of a nightmare when we’re in the shops. They bring me so much joy and happiness, it’s hard to believe that I have postnatal depression.


There isn’t much food that I don’t like, but I love food. Anything with strong flavours and spices. Food makes me very happy indeed and I know that when I’m a little down I turn to the fridge and hunt through the food within. I would eat and eat and eat if I could. Some may call it comfort eating but I simply like food! Maybe that’s why I can’t diet.


The sun makes most of us happy, it has this way of lifting our spirits. I am so glad that winter is over and I know that it will soon be Summer and we can spend all of our time outdoors! It’s like a little happy drug for us all.

Clean Washing

My washing basket is never empty, I can’t even remember what the bottom looks like, and with 3 children I don’t expect to ever see it again. But the smell of fresh, clean washing makes me smile with content. I love that fresh clean smell.

New Books

I love new books. There is just something pleasing about them. From the smell to the perfect, unbent spine. They just please me. I am a bit of a book fanatic, and I don’t think I will ever own a Kindle, but I have so many books that I haven’t read. I keep buying more and adding to my unread book collection.

There are probably plenty more things that make me happy off screen, but these are the 5 that immediately come to mind. What are yours? Do you have anything that really makes you happy, that isn’t technology based?

Technology rules our lives and it's nice to be reminded of what we love off screen.

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  1. I think I’d have the same 5 things as my happy things. I just love spending time with my children, offline! I’m reading a lot at the mo, but I’m reading on Kindle. I’ve got to start reading paperbacks again 🙂

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