7 Ways to Practise Self-Care

When I became a mum all my me time disappeared. I could no longer spend hours in front of a mirror perfecting my hair and make up. Applying fake tan was out the window and I barely had time to shower, never mind actually brush my hair. I soon ended up in a bit of a rut, my appearance was slacking and I just didn’t do anything for me. Self-care just was not a priority.

I have always lived by the phrase happy mum means happy baby, but this mum wasn’t happy so I knew my babies weren’t going to be at their full happiness. Something needed to change.

Becoming a mum meant skipping out on loving myself, but a happy mum means a happy baby. This is how I practice self-care.

1. Get some natural light. I always make sure I go outside each and every day. Fresh air and natural light help lift any mood – even in the rain. I especially make sure I get outside if I am feeling a bit stressed or if I have a bit of writer’s block. It really helps to clear all those unwanted thoughts.

2. Apply a face mask. I find a face mask at night, while I’m reading my book, is a lovely way to wind down. Not only does it help to relax but it is a great part of my skin care routine. My face always feels refreshed after applying a face mask and that always makes me feel better about myself.

3. Take a hot bath (with lots of bubbles). Now this is an obvious one. Who doesn’t enjoy a lovely hot bubble bath? Water is a simple way to help relax your mind and muscles (that’s why they offer water births during labour). I love nothing better than a hot bath before I get into bed. That fresh feeling and clean pyjama’s is one of the best feelings.

4. Plan one “simple” meal a week. I don’t know about you but I love simple meals like sausages, chips and beans or chicken nuggets, peas and chips. These are always winners with the children and they are just an easy and simple dinner to have. Whenever I have one of these meals it takes me back to my childhood and I relive all those happy memories.

5. Drink a “bedtime” tea before bed. This is a new one for new, I never knew about these teas until recently but they are so relaxing. I have one by that has lavender and chamomile in it, the smell is divine and I feel like it helps to give me a better nights sleep after drinking it (well as best as I can get with 3 night wakers).

6. Paint your nails. I love painting my nails, although I do have to do it once the children are in bed. I feel like there is something missing when I have bare nails but a coat of polish instantly fixes that. I am always trying to perfect my nail painting and I love going to the shops and picking out a new polish from all the colours.

7. Declutter a room in your house. Or maybe just that junk drawer. A declutter always helps me to feel better, and to feel like I’ve actually achieved something. Plus getting rid of all the stuff you no longer need or wants, means there is plenty of space for you to splurge and buy new items!

There we have it, just some of the ways that I practice self-care. I find that all of these are really easy to do when you have young children too. What is your favourite way to practice self-care?

Becoming a mum meant skipping out on loving myself, but a happy mum means a happy baby. This is how I practice self-care.

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  1. Good ideas. I try to make time for myself when my toddler is napping but sometimes I forget and clean instead. I do notice a difference in my stress levels if I dont make that time for me.

  2. It really doesn’t make sense because Mums should really put themselves first so they can stay well to take care of their children. But it seems taking care of oneself takes a back seat and you end up consumed with the little ones and their needs.

    1. Yes, you’re right there. We should take more time to look after ourselves to ensure that our little ones are cared for as best we can. But sometimes the needs of our little ones take over and they are far more important than ourselves.

  3. Great tips, but I particularly love decluttering. There’s something about cleaning and decluttering that just gets me in the zone and helps me forget all the other thoughts and focus on the items at hand.

  4. Decluttering always does the trick for me, but it needs a bit of time so I tend to do it in big chunks every now and then. My other favourite is fresh air, getting outside never fails to lift my mood – in fact it works a treat on the kids too!

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